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A ship’s traveler rating is provided under license by , which manages one of the largest databases of cruise reviews and ratings by travelers. A total of 51 guests have reviewed MSC Opera, giving it a rating of 2.7 on a scale of 1-5.

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2.7 out of 5(51 reviews)

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Families w/older children3.9%
Families w/young children3.9%

Most Recent Reviews

First Ocean Cruise

Mar 5th, 2019

Generally a very pleasant first ever cruise. Due to the cleanliness and ambience of the ship and excellent service from all staff I would cruise again with MSC.

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1 cruise (first)

There are better cruise ships

Jan 9th, 2019

There must be a better choice of boat rather than MSC Opera

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2-3 cruises

Oct 28th, 2018

A smaller MSC ship but still shiny and clean in all the right places. Embarkation and disembarkation both very easy at Marseille. Cabin was a Fantastica balcony on the 9th floor. Bed was really nice with the 3rd bed a fold down bunk which was across the bottom of the bed - not roo much of an issue. The balcony was fine with 2 chairs and a table. The bathroom was as normal and the shower had a door rather than a curtain. Both the toilet position and the smallness of the shower took a little working out to use but not a problem when you get it. Our steward was very efficient and always smiley. We had no real need for him but he was always about. Food in the evening MDR was very nice and varied but the service was a little slow at times. No real complaints there. The buffet was a little small which meant peak times were the usual cattle market and tables a premium. Added to the continental dislike of queuing then we tried not use the buffet and kept to the MDR or room service. Buffet food wasn't great although we didn't go hungry so that may tell a different story. The MSC pizza station was as gorgeous as usual - no better pizza at sea! We had all inc drinks which means the cocktail menu was sampled from top to bottom - great value. Entertainment was better than expected for MSC with proper themes and not just a visual mish mash for a change. There is an outdated smoking policy aboard in that the pub allows smoking inside and the big drawback is that as it's a smaller ship then the smell permeates the whole of that part of the ship and up into the theatre. There were also plenty of people smoking in their cabin judging by the smell as you walked past. Excursions were handled well and we have some good memories of new places. All in all we would sail on her again with the right itinerary as long as we had the balcony on floor 9.

Oct 15th, 2018

We had an awesome new year with our sons On the ship. The entertainment and entertainer were great. The food as always was very tasty and plentiful. Can't wait for the next cruise.

OK Mediterranean Cruise

Oct 14th, 2018

This cruise offered a nice selection of ports but was unorganized at every turn. The food was awful and many of the staff were just plain rude. The entertainment in the main theater was less than professional quality compared to other ships we've been on. The balcony cabin was very nice. We will not cruise MSC again.

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4-6 cruises

Sep 15th, 2018

The room attendant was very good but apart from him the Service was very poor , we struggled to try and get drinks from bars and the ice cream was so slow to get served we gave up . port excursions are very expensive ,

Jul 13th, 2018

Fantastisch schip! Klein maar fijn. Vriendelijke bemanning waar niets te veel gevraagd is. Een Trans-Atlantische reis van Brazilië naar Amsterdam om nooit meer te vergeten.

Apr 17th, 2018

Fabulous food, ship is spotless, cabin was beautiful. Sailed with husband and two children, age 5 and 7. Staff work extremely hard. Drinks package was best at sea.

Dec 12th, 2017

If I could give this a zero I would! DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY WITH MSC! Terrible terrible staff. First on the ship there is a line-up of sales staff soooo pushy to buy things. Well we just wanted to get to our room but did not know how. Staff not intetested. I asked so many staff - can I have my key please? Where is my room? I was very polite. I was not rude. Finally after being ignored by so many staff only interested in selling packages, I had to yell SOMEONE TELL ME HOW TO GET TO MY BLOODY ROOM!!! WHERE IS MY KEY FOR GOODNESS SAKE!!! Then one of them turned to me and rudely advised my key is on my bed in my room. Great privacy - room key embedded with all my personal information and credit card details is on my bed in my room which has the door open! But I still don't know where my room is!! Finally I got a map, but no help to work it out. We had only one week before gotten off a 7n cruise with Carnival which we loved and we were so pumped to get on a second cruise. However we immediately hated it and I'm a grown woman and I just wanted to cry. It did not get better. 7n cruise and it was DAY 5 before a staff member acknowledged our existence but I got the feeling it was just because it was getting closer to tip time. It wasn't genuine. Every single day we came back to the ship after being out, there was almost no food. There were at least 10 or more MSC staff grabbing the small amount of food and taking it for themselves. And then sitting at the tables wearing their ID in clear view of the paying passengers and we were all asking the chefs could they bring out more food as we wanted to eat. And they said no - that's all - you should have been here earlier - it's like 4pm when lots of ppl are returning to the ship and want food before going back to their cabin. We couldn't believe it! So we could perhaps share one piece of dessert the size of a spoon between 2 ppl. It was so bad. 1st morning at breakfast I was carrying a small plate with a pastry and a cup of coffee. A staff member slammed into me and my coffee went flying and she did not even acknowledge the fact that she almost broke my arm let alone help clean up - nothing. Again - unbelievable! So I stood there in shock with terrible pain in my arm and my back which I twisted cause she hit me so hard and I guess I was just shocked and waiting for something. Maybe an apology. Maybe the coffee that went flying neefed a mop? Nope. She walked off with nothing. So I went over to a male staff member and said there's coffee all over the floor there right in the middle of the floor - could you please help me clean it up because i was worried someone would slip. Well he looked at me like I was a giant turd and did nothing. Now before you tell me it's a language barrier, I speak fluent Italian so we could communicate with ease. So the coffee stayed on the floor and nobody cared. The same troll from day 1 banged into me again on day 3 when I was at the juice machine. That left orange juice all over the floor. A whole cup. So I poured another and went back to my table. Didn't bother telling anyone cause they do not care. So you get the picture re the staff. SHOCKING!! Don't waste your money. And don't bother asking for information at the information desk - like what is this "miscellaneous charge" on my bill? The answer will be rudely screamed at you so the best thimg to do right then and there is to remove all automatic tips from the bill, tell them you want to give them to individuals who deserve it then try really really hard to find someone, anyone, who deserves a tip. By day 7 you will leave the ship without finding even one person. That is if you can get off the ship because you will be in a scrum of hundreds of people killing each other to get off and the staff in senior uniforms will yell in your face and be soooo rude and after about 3hrs when you finally get your passport back, they will say something really nice as you walk off like none of that ever happened! I'm getting so worked up writing this, reliving the horror. And every day I said to my 14yr old son - let's just ignore the bad behavior, we are so lucky to be doing this, let's really enjoy it, we are going to lovely places - we had to work so hard to build ourselves back up from the staff behavior. Oh and at the day at sea, heaps of ppl were sitting on the edge of the pool smoking. One after the other after the other. In the no smoking area. Staff couldn't care less. Little children everywhere. Who cares. You can smoke. In front of the no smoking signs - that's the best place to smoke right? And in the formal restaurant, the service took soooo long for first course then in between each one as well. No ice water. And on the last day they did free photos as a goodbye gift but because we didn't purchase photos during the cruise, the photographer deliberately skipped over us. I didn't want to let that go, so I asked the wait staff to get him to come back over to us. He came back over to tell us he refused to take a photo because he had tp do it in order of table number. So what about our table? Don't care. Whatever. I was only trying to.prove a point. I didn't want that stupid photo but I would like the next course without waiting 30 minutes in between. Oh and in the hallways that go for miles and miles, they have the cleaning trolleys - seems like hindreds of them that are all too big for the hallways they sit in. Seems like the hallways are their storage area. So while you're walking an eternity to your room up these hallways, about every 3 metres you have to turn sideways to get past the oversized cleaning trolleys. The whole experience was just a zero out of 10. Don't waste your money. I flipped a bird at the ship as we were walking down the pier. The best thing about this cruise was the moment we stepped off it!


Nov 18th, 2017

Quite a bit for my money. Quite a bit for my money. Quite a bit for my money. Quite a bit for my money. Quite a bit for my money. Quite a bit for my money.

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Family (older children)

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7+ cruises

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