5 Essential Accessories That Make Travel Easier

Upgrade your next trip with these must-have travel products.

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5 Essential Accessories That Make Travel Easier

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From organizing your carry-on to keeping your medications cool in warm temperatures, these accessories and bags aim to make traveling smooth and seamless.(Getty Images)

With the peak summer vacation season just around the corner, now is the time to take stock of your travel gear and consider investing in a few upgrades. Start your search by checking out these new accessories and bags, which were recently featured at the 2016 International Travel Goods Show in Las Vegas. They strive to help solve a variety of common travel problems, from keeping your makeup and medications cool in hot weather to lightening your carry-on as you navigate busy airports. And after all, what's better than arriving at your desired destination feeling relaxed, organized and stylish?  

Here are must-have travel products to check out this year.

Cool-It Caddy

This unique toiletry kit helps keep items chilled thanks to its insulated freeze-and-go design. This is a great item for summer travel, when temperatures could cause your lipstick to melt or your medications to be stored above the recommended temperature. An added bonus: the Cool-it Caddy will soon be available in a roomier size. The new, larger Bella bag will feature a removable cross-body strap and will be available in two stylish colors. (Available at cool-itcaddy.com; prices start at $19.95.)


The handy Airpocket organizer features multiple functions. Not only does it help to protect your belongings – thanks to its cushioned neoprene exterior – it also allows you to organize your in-flight items before you board the plane. That way, you'll be able to stick the savvy organizer quickly into your seatback pocket without standing in the aisle or blocking other passengers from reaching their seats during the boarding process. And once you disembark the plane, you can attach the Airpocket to the handle of your carry-on bag or wear it using the shoulder strap. (Available at shop.airpocket.com.au; prices start at $74.99 Australian dollars.)

The BullRest Travel Pillow

This soon-to-be-released travel pillow is a must-have for business travelers and those who want to be comfortable on their flight without adding a lot of extra bulk to their carry-on bag. The BullRest is designed to be significantly smaller than traditional travel pillows and will be available in several sleek color combinations, including blue, orange and green. Memory foam and a patented shape also help provide head and neck support for weary travelers. (Available at bullrest.com; prices start at $50.)

JWorld New York Taqoo Art Collection Luggage

JWorld New York's Taqoo Art Collection features three unique, colorful rolling bags that draw their inspiration from nature. Even the names of the various suitcase designs – brown night, dawn and dusk – offer a nod to the outdoors. And intricate patterns and eye-catching colors allow these carry-on bags to stand out from the crowd. Plus, the bags' polycarbonate shell keeps them lightweight without sacrificing durability. (Available at jworldstore.com; prices start at $150.)


Most travelers have, at some point or another, found that their luxurious hotel room lacks one thing: ample bathroom counter space. Luckily, the ORGO Lite from Everything ORGO helps to solve this problem. This toiletry organizer unfolds over the top of the bathing sink, giving you extra space for your items while also preventing them from falling. And thanks to handy compartments and zippered pockets, you can keep all of your items organized and ready to stash into your luggage when it's time to pack up and return home. (Available at everythingorgo.com; prices start at $39.99.)

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