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5 Top Shopping Spots in Seattle

Seattle's high-end retailers, malls and specialty stores cater to a range of tastes.

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5 Top Shopping Spots in Seattle

Nordstrom Downtown Seattle

Seattle's downtown Nordstrom flagship store is nestled within the Pine Street corridor, so other shopping options abound nearby.(Courtesy of Andrew Giammarco)

If you're itching for a retail fix, Seattle's shopping scene is for you. The metro area is headquarters to several global brands – Nordstrom, REI, Eddie Bauer and Sur La Table – as well as an abundance of locally owned boutiques. Sure, downtown shopping is a big draw for out-of-town visitors, but venture into nearby neighborhoods for a taste of vintage, eclectic and quintessentially Pacific Northwest shopping options.

Ballard Neighborhood

Horseshoe [Boutique](Courtesy of Michelle Moore)

Ballard is a bit of a detour from downtown Seattle (7 miles). But the neighborhood, originally a fishing town settled by Scandinavian immigrants, is well worth the effort it takes to visit – especially when it comes to boutique shopping.

Ballard and nearby Fremont are shopping go-tos for Lara Dennis, concierge at the Kimpton Alexis Hotel Seattle. "The two neighborhoods are pretty close together and that's where I think you're going to find our most local Seattle boutiques," Dennis says. She also notes they tout a good mix of Northwest style and locally crafted items, as well as vintage and high-end merchandise. "All of them are pretty centrally located, so you can just spend an afternoon bouncing from boutique to boutique. Some of my favorite spots are Show Pony [Boutique], Horseshoe [Boutique] and Trove [Vintage Boutique] – they're all fantastic."

Capitol Hill Neighborhood

Standard Goods(Courtesy of Kathreen Absuelo)

Just east of downtown, the always-lively neighborhood of Capitol Hill is a quick one-stop hop from the Westlake Link light rail station or a short 30-minute walk.

The neighborhood is home to a ton of boutiques, so strap on your sneakers and prepare to stroll – there's no shortage of retail eye candy in Capitol Hill. Tracie Kahikina, head concierge at the Four Seasons Hotel Seattle, thinks shopping is more hip and friendly in Capitol Hill. "Le Frock is a great spot for vintage clothing and accessories," she says.

Meanwhile, Kyle Poirier, W insider at the W Seattle, vouches for Standard Goods. "They only make shirts that say Pacific Northwest or Seattle, that kind of thing," he says. "Not super touristy, but representative of where you're from, so [it's] definitely where locals like to shop."

Pine Street Corridor

If you're staying downtown, you don't need to go far to explore the vibrant Pine Street retail corridor. From Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, it's roughly a 20-minute drive or 40-minute Link light rail ride.

"There's the sort of obvious downtown Pine Street corridor that has Pacific Place mall and they have some high fashion as well," says Jessica Gomes, VIP coordinator at Hotel 1000.

Not only does the mall have outposts of international fashion houses like Gucci and Louis Vuitton, it's also home to local shops. One of Gomes' favorites is The Finerie. "It's run by a gentleman named Michael Deocampo and this poor gentleman has the task every year of traveling to Milan, Paris and New York and picking up last season's goodies that didn't go anywhere." He'll bring these high-end garments back and sell them at his store, she says. "The size categories aren't so flexible, but it's amazing. I use him often for men's and women's."

Nordstrom Downtown Seattle

Nordstrom Downtown Seattle(Courtesy of Connie Zhou)

Yes, we get it. Seattle's downtown Nordstrom flagship store is a sexy retail destination. Especially after its 2015 remodel.

Isaac Tarin, lead concierge at Hotel Andra, recommends the newly renovated Nordstrom store. "It's high-end shopping and customer service at its finest," he says.

The flagship store is also nestled within the Pine Street corridor, so other shopping options abound nearby. If you're a budget-minded fashionista, you can go next door to Westlake Center, where you can stop by Nordstrom Rack to shop the retailer's brands at a discount.

Georgetown Trailer Park Mall

The under-the-radar Georgetown neighborhood just south of downtown is fast gaining popularity. A quick 10-minute drive from downtown, this quirky neighborhood packs lots of historic brick buildings and character. Grab a beer at one of the many nearby breweries, then get your shop on.

"For a truly unique shopping adventure, check out the Georgetown Trailer Park Mall," says Chuck Watts, head concierge at Hyatt at Olive 8. "That's where eight vintage trailers run by independent designers, makers and collectors sell their goods direct in a one-of-a-kind venue."

The semihidden concrete park features a handful of retro shops catering to collectible-minded shoppers. Be on the lookout for local art and lots of vintage goodies.

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