Stay Online on the Road

Websites Locate Wi-Fi Hot Spots Worldwide

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Stay Online on the Road

When you’re traveling, you can keep in touch with family, friends, and the office thanks to websites that identify available Wi-Fi hot spots around the United States and the world. Though each site is organized slightly differently, all invite you to search by city, state, country, and ZIP code. They all also allow you to choose specific venue types like coffee shops, malls, airline terminals, or hotels. focuses exclusively on no-fee hot spots, and its specialty listings include RV campgrounds and long-distance bus lines. also lists no-fee hot spots, while providing maps. For an even more comprehensive list, boasts a registry of over 300,000 free or pay-for-service sites in 140 countries. (The free ones are clearly marked.)

Since public Wi-Fi is more vulnerable to hacking, Norton Internet safety advocate Marian Merritt warns users to "hold off on banking, shopping, or updating your investment strategy until you’re back at home" and to make sure security software is installed and up to date.

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