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The 12 Best Travel Strollers for 2020

U.S. News rated the best travel strollers, considering recommendations from experts and consumers.

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The 12 Best Travel Strollers for 2020

Travel strollers

The top travel strollers make maneuvering through busy airports and crowded tourist destinations a breeze.(Courtesy of Mountain Buggy, UPPAbaby and Babyzen)

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Best Overall Travel Strollers

● Babyzen Yoyo+: $499 or less. View deal.

● Mountain Buggy Nano: $199.99 or less. View deal.

● GB Pockit: $179.99 or less. View deal.

● UPPAbaby MINU: $429.99 or less. View deal.

● Doona Car Seat & Stroller: $499 or less. View deal.

What to Look for When Shopping for Travel Strollers

Not all strollers are designed for those who are regularly on the go in a big city or enjoy traveling by plane, train or car. Strollers for frequent travel need to hold up in tough situations, fold quickly into a smaller size and move seamlessly from point A to point B.

Carrie Bradley, a former flight attendant and editor of family travel site Flying With A Baby, says parents should consider the type of travel they'll be doing when deciding which stroller to purchase. "Does it need to fit as carry-on on an aircraft, or can it manage cobblestones in Europe?" and "Will it be used for short distances and to help transport your bags, or will you need it for long daytrips and naps during the day?" are some questions travelers should consider she says.

Catherine Brady, founder and author of family travel blog Traveling with the Littles, recommends opting for a stroller that easily collapses, ideally with one hand. Meanwhile, Bradley suggests practicing folding it before your trip. "When that boarding announcement happens with people jostling all around you, it can make you feel flustered, so it's good to have this down pat first," Bradley says.

Another detail to consider when thinking about a stroller's portability is the footprint of the stroller when it is collapsed, Brady says. Some strollers will stand upright on their own and even fit inside travel bags or backpacks.

Keep in mind, you may have to compromise on storage when choosing a travel stroller as well, as they generally have less space for travel accessories and other items.

"Prioritize a stroller, which reclines and has a decent canopy, over storage," Bradley says. "Stroller clips and stroller organizers are easily available online to help secure bags, sippy cups and more."

How to Fly With a Stroller

Flying with kids can be intimidating, especially the first few times. How will you keep everyone entertained? What if they cry? What if they kick the seat in front of them? "I was so apprehensive flying at first with my two – despite being an ex-flight attendant – and a good travel stroller really helped," Bradley says. "Being able to wheel a stroller from the aircraft door through another airport transit stop or straight through passport and customs after a long flight [with] a cranky toddler is a real bonus."

If you plan to fly with a stroller, you can check it, gate check it or bring it with you on the plane. Brady says she prefers to gate check for several reasons. "First, the chance of damage is reduced with gate checking," she says. "Second, you can use the stroller to carry luggage, the kiddo or any other bags through the airport."

Eileen Gunn, founder and content chief of family travel blog FamiliesGo!, says there are also benefits to keeping the stroller with you on the plane and storing it in the overhead bin. "You don't have to wait for it to be brought to you with the rest of the gate-checked luggage or retrieve it at baggage claim," Gunn says, though she points out it counts as one of your carry-on allowances.

When it comes to cost, Brady says you may not need to spring for the top-of-the-line model when it comes to a stroller used for traveling. "Don't buy the most expensive travel stroller you can find, especially if you plan to bring it on an airplane. You want a durable stroller but also one that you are OK with losing or being damaged," she says. Gunn says it can be easy to forget a stroller when flying or traveling. She recommends securing your phone number with tape on your stroller somewhere so, in case it gets lost or left somewhere, an airline or airport staff member or a fellow traveler can easily contact you.

Whether you're looking for a stroller that's easy to fold on the go, small enough to fit in an overhead bin or tough enough to make it over cobblestone streets in any international destination, here are the top-rated travel stroller options from U.S. News to help you make the best decision.

What Is the Best Travel Stroller?

Babyzen Yoyo+

One of the biggest challenges of strollers is the number of times you have to fold and unfold them while traveling. The Babyzen Yoyo+ stroller is designed to easily open and close with just one hand so you can safely hold your child with the other. Once folded, you can use a strap to carry it like a bag over your shoulder. What's more, it weighs less than 15 pounds and is so compact that most airlines let you bring it with you on the plane as a carry-on.

This French company knows a thing or two about style, too. The Babyzen Yoyo+ stroller comes in nine fashionable colors, including aqua and toffee, and you can choose either a white or black frame. You can even order new fabric colors if you tire of one. Various accessories are also available for an additional fee, including car seat adapters, a Sherpa-lined footmuff to keep baby warm when it's cold, an attachable umbrella and a tricycle-like board that attaches to the back of the stroller to carry a child weighing up to 44 pounds.

The stroller can accommodate newborns and babies 6 months and older. Newborns sit facing the parent, while older babies can enjoy watching the world while facing outward. While the stroller is priced at $499, buyers say the cost is worth it because of the stroller's durability and ability to easily fold. Others like that it is lightweight and fits into most airplanes' overhead bins.

[Babyzen Yoyo+: $499 or less. View deal.]

Mountain Buggy Nano

Weighing less than 13 pounds, the Mountain Buggy Nano stroller is one of the lightest options available, making it easy to maneuver when folding it to pack in a car or bring on a plane. The stroller compresses into a small enough size (21 inches at its largest) to fit into most airplane overhead bins and comes with a travel bag to protect it from damage. It folds with the touch of just two buttons, and it's easy to open using only one hand. Plus, parents can use the attachable strap to carry it over the shoulder.

The stroller also features rear-wheel suspension, a safety brake and front wheels that swivel and lock to make it easy to push on uneven terrain. It's compatible with most top car seat brands as well. Choose from seven colors, including black and ruby, and whimsical printed options like Year of Pig, Year of Dog and Year of Rooster. With prices starting at $199.99, this stroller is a more affordable option than others on the market.

One consumer says the stroller makes it easy to travel solo with kids thanks to its simple folding mechanism and compact size ideal for storing in the overhead bin of planes. Another reviewer, who is also a flight attendant, praises its ability to fit on a plane and move across sand and other terrain.

[Mountain Buggy Nano: $199.99 or less. View deals: Option 1 | Option 2 | Option 3.]

GB Pockit

When it comes to a small footprint, the GB Pockit stroller bills itself as "the world's smallest folded stroller" measuring 12 inches by 7 inches by 20 inches. It's designed to stand upright when folded so it's easy to set aside wherever you are. What's more, the stroller weighs less than 12 pounds. With just two steps, the stroller quickly folds into a handbag shape small enough to fit into a large purse or bag.

Ideal for those who frequent large cities where folding and unfolding a stroller multiple times is necessary, the GB Pockit can accommodate children who are at least 6 months old and weigh no more than 55 pounds. (There is no newborn option for this stroller.) It comes with a canopy to protect your baby from the sun's rays, and you can push it with just one hand. The front wheels swivel and have a locking function for safety. The stroller comes in only two color choices, capri blue and monument black, and starts at $179.99.

Reviewers love how compact this stroller is when folded but caution that it does not move the easiest on rough terrain. One user says she appreciates the stroller's ability to fit under an airplane seat, while others say that it is easy to open and close with just a little practice.

[GB Pockit: $179.99 or less. View deal.]


The UPPAbaby MINU costs up to $429.99 and is a stylish yet convenient stroller with easy folding capabilities, ample storage and a real leather handlebar. Weighing less than 15 pounds, this stroller can be folded using only one hand and can be stored in a travel bag that turns into a backpack or carried over the shoulder with a strap.

For an additional fee, you can purchase an add-on accessory that allows newborns to lie flat. The stroller also reclines to multiple positions so you can lay your baby back for a nap or sit your baby up to see the world. Other features include an expandable sunshade and a spacious storage basket. Additionally, the stroller comes with a hand-sewn leather handle and it is available in a variety of fabrics, including light gray, black, charcoal and teal. Keep in mind, the stroller is only compatible with the brand's car seat and select Maxi-Cosi, Nuna and Cybex car seats. Buyers say the UPPAbaby MINU stroller is stylish and they appreciate how easy it is to fold.

[UPPAbaby MINU: $429.99 or less. View deals: Option 1 | Option 2.]

Doona Car Seat & Stroller

Priced at $499, the Doona system comes with both a stroller and a car seat and is described as "the world's first infant car seat and stroller in one." It is available in six chic colors, including racing green, nitro black, blush pink and royal blue, and features a charcoal aluminum frame. Plus, all of the fabric can be removed for washing.

The stroller is designed to transform from a car seat to a stroller in seconds with just one motion, though it is only rear facing and for children weighing up to 35 pounds. It also comes with an adjustable handlebar. Consumers like that this stroller is light (it weighs 16.5 pounds) and that it eliminates the need to carry around a heavy car seat when shopping or traveling.

[Doona Car Seat & Stroller: $499 or less. View deal.]

Summer 3Dlite Convenience Stroller

An affordable option at $99.99, the Summer 3Dlite Convenience Stroller is designed to be durable yet convenient to use on the go. With a lightweight aluminum frame and a total weight of 13 pounds, the stroller comes with a variety of accessories, such as a cup holder, a rear pocket, an under-stroller storage basket and an extendable sunshade.

The stroller folds in three steps with the help of a foot lever and comes with a strap and automatic lock to make it easier to carry. It also reclines to four different positions. For a smoother ride, the stroller offers anti-shock wheels. Rear-wheel locks come standard as well. There are four colors to choose from, including jet black, black, grays for days and teal. Buyers say they appreciate how far the stroller reclines, its spacious storage basket and its portability.

[Summer 3Dlite Convenience Stroller: $99.99 or less. View deal.]

Besrey Airplane Capsule Lightweight Baby Stroller

The Besrey Airplane Capsule Lightweight Baby Stroller, which can accommodate children 6 to 36 months and costs $157.66, is designed with travel in mind. It weighs less than 11 pounds and folds in two steps to a size of about 22 by 12 by 11 inches, meaning it can easily be stowed on board most planes and trains. The stroller even fits into a bag that you can use as a seat when traveling.

The stroller's wheels can rotate 360 degrees to navigate uneven terrain, and a five-point harness system is included to ensure your baby stays safe. Color options include gray, red and blue. Consumers like the stroller's compact size, durability and lightweight design but some bemoan the lack of a recline feature.

[Besrey Airplane Capsule Lightweight Baby Stroller: $157.66 or less. View deal.]

Kolcraft Cloud Plus Stroller

Weighing less than 12 pounds, the Kolcraft Cloud Plus Stroller folds with just one hand to a size of 18 by 12 by 34 inches. The stroller comes with a tray to hold two drinks for parents, as well as a removable tray to stash a child's cup and juice box. Underneath, you'll find a basket for more storage. Additional features include a sun canopy with a window that lets you keep an eye on your baby, plus a seat that reclines to multiple positions. What's more, the wheels come with a suspension system to keep your baby comfortable on uneven surfaces.

The stroller costs $69.99 and can accommodate children who weigh up to 50 pounds. Available colors include fire red and slate gray. Buyers love the two-tray design and say the storage basket is quite spacious. Several reviewers say the stroller is particularly useful during trips to amusement parks.

[Kolcraft Cloud Plus Stroller: $69.99 or less. View deal.]

Jovial Portable Folding Baby Stroller

Weighing about 16 pounds, the Jovial Portable Folding Baby Stroller can be folded with just one hand and is small enough to place in a provided bag and store on a plane or train. The seat will lie flat or sit upright and is designed to hold children who weigh up to 35 pounds. The stroller's wheels come with a brake-locking system for safety, and there is a basket beneath the seat to hold whatever you need.

The stroller typically comes in black, but red or blue retractable sunshades are occasionally available. It sells for $119.99. Buyers appreciate the stroller's recline feature and find it easy to fold into the overhead bin of a plane. Some warn, though, that the storage basket is a bit smaller than they expected.

[Jovial Portable Folding Baby Stroller: $119.99 or less. View deal.]

Bugaboo Ant

While a pricier option ranging from $499 to $569 (depending on the color), the Bugaboo Ant is slim and chic and comes in a variety of colors. Choose from options like pink and gray, neon red and black, steel blue or even create your own color combination. Designed to carry children who are at least 6 months old and weigh no more than 50 pounds, the stroller is suitable for both babies and toddlers.

The seat in the Bugaboo Ant reverses to face forward or backward and also reclines. Plus, you can steer the stroller easily with just one hand. It weighs less than 16 pounds and folds to a size no longer than 22 inches, which means it qualifies as carry-on luggage on most airlines. It has a trolley mode as well, so it's easier to push through airports and train stations. Taller parents will appreciate the height-adjustable handlebar, which Brady says is a feature to look for. "If the stroller is too short, you'll spend your entire vacation walking the town hunched over," she says. Buyers say they like that it is light and easy to carry, features a stylish design and offers a lot of storage space.

[Bugaboo Ant: $569 or less. View deal.]

Joovy Groove Ultralight

The Joovy Groove Ultralight stroller works as a portable option for everyone from newborns to kids weighing up 55 pounds. With an aluminum frame and a total weight of 15 pounds, in addition to measuring around 32 by 20 by 43 inches, the stroller meets Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort stroller size requirements. When folded, it will stand upright on its own, and you can carry it over your shoulder using the attachable strap.

A mesh pocket is provided next to the seat for kids to have easy access to bottles, sippy cups or snacks, and there is also one on the back for additional storage. Other features include a cup holder and a small zippered pocket for parents, an underneath storage basket and a window in the large canopy to peek at your little one. For colors, buyers can choose from black, charcoal, turquoise and red. The stroller retails for $199.99.

One reviewer says they use this stroller all over town and appreciate its compact size, especially when storing it in the car. Consumers also praise the large canopy and extra storage space, and say it's easy to maneuver.

[Joovy Groove Ultralight: $199.99 or less. View deal.]

Maxi-Cosi Lara Ultra Compact Stroller

The Maxi-Cosi Lara Ultra Compact Stroller comes with two baskets under the seat, one on top of the other, for additional storage. The seat reclines when your baby needs a nap, and there's an adjustable leg rest for even more comfort. Need to check on your little one? Have a look through the mesh window on the sunshade.

The stroller is designed to fold with one hand and will fit into small spaces like airplane overhead compartments. Plus, it's easy to carry thanks to its lightweight design (it only weighs 14 pounds) and its over-the-shoulder strap. Available colors include nomad blue, nomad red, nomad black and nomad gray. Buyers say the stroller is easy to maneuver over curbs, grass, gravel and other surfaces. They also appreciate its mesh sunshade window and how easy it is to fold.

[Maxi-Cosi Lara Ultra Compact Stroller: $199.99 or less. View deal.]

How U.S. News Evaluated Travel Strollers

U.S. News uses an unbiased scoring methodology based on a composite analysis of the ratings and reviews published by credible third-party professional and consumer review sources. U.S. News makes the best effort to review active and available products as of the time of publication.

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