You Can't Take Them Anywhere

7 Celebrity Travel Horror Stories

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You Can't Take Them Anywhere

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Supermodel Naomi Campbell makes our list for throwing a temper tantrum over late luggage (what we plebeians wish we could all do when we lose our luggage). In April 2008, while awaiting take-off on a British Airways flight at London's Heathrow Airport (LHR), Campbell was informed that one of her bags would have to be left behind. According to The Telegraph, the supermodel pitched a fit, cursing and kicking at the local officers who reported to the scene. As the commotion escalated, Campbell spit on one of the officers attempting to restrain her. Later, the model pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct. Her punishment? A £2,300 fine (about $4,600) and 200 hours of community service in a soup kitchen in London's Whitechapel district.

Rock stars behaving badly is pretty standard, but Guns N' Roses frontman Axl Rose takes rock 'n' roll antics to a whole new level. In 2006, Rose (born William Bruce Rose) allegedly cursed out the front-desk staff of Stockholm's Berns Hotel because he was disappointed with his accommodations. Security was called, but when a guard attempted to diffuse the situation, Rose jumped him. A scuffle ensued, culminating in the singer biting the guard's leg and throwing a nearby vase into an 18th-century antique mirror, according to the Swedish tabloid, Aftonbladet. The police detained him for about 12 hours, after which Rose admitted to the assault and agreed to pay a fine of 50,000 Swedish kronor (about $6,800).

Paris Hilton's antics have made headlines both stateside and abroad, but there's nothing more humiliating than being denied entry at airport customs. And in September 2010, that's exactly what happened. The socialite was forced to stay in a hotel just outside the Narita International Airport (NRT) while officials debated whether to allow her to officially enter Japan. The problem? Hilton had pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor drug charge in Las Vegas a few days prior to her trip. Unfortunately for her, Japanese law says no to drugs -- and travelers with drug convictions. In the end, poor Paris was denied entry to the country, and she flew home on a private jet in shame.

The rapper Snoop Dogg, née Calvin Broadus, earns a spot on our list for the brawling behavior of some of his travel companions in London's Heathrow Airport in April 2006. The trouble began when some members of Snoop's entourage that were flying coach attempted to enter the British Airways' business-class lounge. According to The Guardian, the airline not only booted the group from the lounge, but from their flights as well. The police began escorting the now-peeved posse from the terminal, but by the time they reached the duty-free shops, heated words had turned physical. The ensuing scuffle resulted in minor injuries to seven police officers and six arrests on suspicion of affray and violent disorder, BBC News reports, our main-man Snoop being one of them. Most of his friends were released, but airport police held the world-renowned rapper overnight. And while no official charges were brought, Snoop was indefinitely banned from all British Airways flights.

It's the terrible travel tale that inspired hundreds of pee jokes, as well as a viral Anderson Cooper giggle video. But poor French actor Gérard Depardieu just couldn't hold it on an Air France flight from Paris to Dublin in August 2011. According to Depardieu, he really needed to use the bathroom while his plane waited on the tarmac to take-off. But the cabin crew blocked his path to the lavatory, instructing him to return to his seat and wait until the plane had reached cruising altitude. After some unsuccessful begging by Depardieu, his travel companion handed him an empty water bottle. So the French actor relieved himself in the middle of the aisle, without the best aim. Depardieu displayed remorse about the now-infamous incident (offering to help the cabin crew clean up the mess) as well as a good sense of humor. He even appeared on Cooper's daytime talk show to explain the situation and laugh along with the audience.

Rocker and actress Courtney Love's tale of misbehavior took place in February 2003 on a Virgin Atlantic flight from Los Angeles to where else but London's Heathrow Airport. CNN reports that Love was verbally abusive to the cabin crew. The rock star allegedly refused to follow crew instructions and pitched a fit when they declined to upgrade her friend to first class. After arriving in Heathrow, the police took Love into custody, and she received a police caution (i.e.: an official warning) for her behavior. Luckily for her, Virgin Atlantic CEO Richard Branson accepted her apology at a charity event later that weekend and welcomed her to fly the airline in the future.

Keith Moon, legendary drummer of The Who, was the granddaddy of the rock 'n' roll hotel-trashing tradition. Nicknamed "Moon the Loon" for his antics, the late rocker's favorite pranks included throwing televisions into pools and flushing explosives down toilets. But few stories can top the antics that went down at the Holiday Inn in Flint, Mich. in August 1967.

According to one fan's rendition, it was Moon's birthday and the booze was flowing freely -- guests even went so far as to spike the hotel swimming pool with liquor. The drummer -- after a full day of partying -- picked up his five-layer birthday cake and chucked it at his guests, starting a party-wide cake fight. Witnesses say that by the time the police arrived, Moon had stripped naked and hidden in a Rolls Royce parked out front. He had also managed to release the limo's hand break, causing the vehicle to roll through the pool's fence and plunge into the water. Moon escaped the quickly sinking vehicle, but instead of surrendering peacefully, he tried to make a break for it. And he might have succeeded if he hadn't slipped on a gob of cake icing and cracked his front tooth.

After spending the night in jail, the birthday boy received a bill to the tune of $24,000 (or $50,000, says band mate Roger Daltrey to NPR) to cover the damages. Moon and the rest of The Who were also banned from the city of Flint and Holiday Inns everywhere from that day forward.

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