Best Cheap Caribbean Vacations

To help you find the right island for the right price, U.S. News ranked the best affordable Caribbean vacations based on top recommendations from industry experts and everyday travelers. Many of these hot spots can be experienced on a budget thanks to perks like free beach access and frequent deals on airfare and hotels. Vote for your ideal bargain Caribbean getaway below, and consult these rankings to guide you to your next sandy retreat. Use the money you saved to treat yourself to some umbrella drinks.

  • Curacao
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    #1 in Best Cheap Caribbean Vacations

    With optimal scuba diving conditions and protected coral reefs, Curaçao is an aquatic-lover's paradise. But the island also appeals to nature lovers with its impressive flora and fauna, and to history buffs with its rich and unique cultural heritage. Getting here can be pricey, but if you visit between May and November, you'll find steeply reduced hotel and flight rates.

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  • Trinidad & Tobago
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    Trinidad & Tobago

    #2 in Best Cheap Caribbean Vacations

    Vacationers enjoy the contrast between bustling Trinidad and serene Tobago. Plus, there's no shortage of lodging options on either of these two islands, meaning you can easily find a reasonable room rate in an area that appeals to you. If you're planning to visit for the Trinidad Carnival in February, be prepared to shell out a little extra, especially if you book last-minute accommodations.

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  • Turks & Caicos
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    Turks & Caicos

    #3 in Best Cheap Caribbean Vacations

    With a handful of all-inclusive resorts and stunning beaches you can access for free, Turks & Caicos is a great choice for those on a budget. Plus, many resorts in this Caribbean hot spot allow travelers to enjoy complimentary water sports equipment. Though hotels and flights from mid-December through mid-April can be expensive, the rest of the year you'll find surprisingly low rates and few crowds.

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  • Guadeloupe
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    #4 in Best Cheap Caribbean Vacations

    Many of this French isle's attractions, including Guadeloupe National Park, Plage Caravelle and the Pointe-á-Pitre neighborhood, are free to enjoy. Getting here can be difficult, though, so travelers should plan to book flights in advance. Hotels fill up quickly during the dry and busy season (December through May), but consider visiting in November if you're on a tight budget and don't mind a few rain showers.

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  • Grenada
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    #5 in Best Cheap Caribbean Vacations

    Grenada is often overlooked, meaning that those who do visit can experience the island's white sand beaches and laid-back vibes without burning through their savings. What's more, walking through the popular St. George's neighborhood and the aromatic Market Square costs nothing. Late fall and early winter are perfect times to visit: deals on lodging and flights abound and crowds are scarce.

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  • Barbados
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    #6 in Best Cheap Caribbean Vacations

    Finding a bargain in Barbados will require patience, especially if you plan to visit in winter. Warm temperatures, turquoise waters and lively festivals draw visitors in droves. If you can wait until mid-April to experience the island, you'll find much more agreeable rates. Plus, all 70 miles of white sand beaches on this island are public.

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  • U.S. Virgin Islands
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    U.S. Virgin Islands

    #7 in Best Cheap Caribbean Vacations

    Travelers frequently crowd this American paradisiacal territory, but if you plan far enough in advance – at least a few months – you have a solid chance of scoring a great hotel deal in the USVI. Just steer clear of the ports of call: the Virgin Islands are a popular stopping point for cruises and prices around the docks are often inflated.

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  • St. Kitts & Nevis
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    St. Kitts & Nevis

    #8 in Best Cheap Caribbean Vacations

    These islands aren't the easiest to reach, but that's part of the appeal. With flowing fairways and numerous restaurants, there's plenty to entertain you on the culturally significant St. Kitts. Meanwhile, the quiet, secluded beaches in Nevis are perfect for relaxation. Finding affordable room rates in both locations is easy, but keep in mind that some attractions and eateries close during hurricane season.




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  • Cayman Islands
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    Cayman Islands

    #9 in Best Cheap Caribbean Vacations

    Popular among families due to its many all-inclusive resorts and its numerous snorkeling and diving opportunities, the Cayman Islands make for an excellent Caribbean getaway. Though it's pricey to visit from December to February, April and May are good times to find hotel deals. These months also see temperatures in the 70s and 80s, an ideal atmosphere for enjoying a beverage on the world-famous (and free) Seven Mile Beach.

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  • Puerto Rico
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    Puerto Rico

    #10 in Best Cheap Caribbean Vacations

    Puerto Rico allows travelers to experience the Caribbean without the hassle of international travel. Plus, more low-cost American airlines now offer nonstop flights to San Juan, making it easier to enjoy the powdery sands, clear waters, boutique shops and delectable seafood of the island. Mid-April to June is the sweet spot between the busy season and the rainy season where you should be able to snag some lodging or flight deals.

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