Best Destination Wedding Spots in Europe

Figuring out where to get married at home is one thing, but figuring out a destination wedding locale abroad is a completely different undertaking. To help kick-start planning for your special day, U.S. News has compiled the Best Destination Wedding Spots in Europe. From verdant, remote countrysides to beautiful beach locales to big-city spots, we've compiled the crème de la crème of European wedding destinations. Want to add your two cents? Cast your vote below to help determine next year's winners.  


Best Destination Wedding Spots in Europe

  • Tuscany, Italy
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    Tuscany, Italy

    #1 in Best Destination Wedding Spots in Europe

    Rolling hills, rustic villas and all the wine your heart desires can be found in the enchanting Tuscan countryside. The area oozes with romance thanks to its isolated nature and stunning scenery. Weddings are a big business in Toscana, so you'll have no problem finding a variety of venues, from over-the-top estates to modest farmhouses.

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  • Porto
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    #2 in Best Destination Wedding Spots in Europe

    Porto's allure is mysterious, palpable and completely underrated. The city on Portugal's northwestern coast features an elongated waterfront mixed with ancient yet eye-catching architecture, creating a setting made for weddings. Here, it's best to consult popular hotels, as they will have the space and resources to host wedding parties.

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  • Paris
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    #3 in Best Destination Wedding Spots in Europe

    What better way to celebrate your love than getting hitched in the City of Love? Paris is as romantic as big cities get, offering plenty of beautiful spots to tie the knot. Exchanging vows at unforgettable landmarks, such as the Luxembourg Gardens, the Eiffel Tower (it is possible) or one of the city's many elegant hotels will make your special day that much more memorable.

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  • Amalfi Coast
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    Amalfi Coast

    #4 in Best Destination Wedding Spots in Europe

    Because of its popularity as a honeymoon destination, the Amalfi Coast is often overlooked as a potential wedding destination. However, it's worth considering. The long, winding coast is lined with charming towns, each outfitted with their own beautiful churches and cliffside terraces.

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  • Edinburgh
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    #5 in Best Destination Wedding Spots in Europe

    Scotland's abundance of evergreen hills and centuries-old sites serve as the perfect backdrop for a destination wedding. You can say "I do" where royals once stood in Edinburgh Castle, at Gothic masterpieces, such as the St. Giles Cathedral or among the flowers in the Royal Botanic Gardens.

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  • Santorini
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    #6 in Best Destination Wedding Spots in Europe

    Santorini's plethora of pristine ocean views makes for postcardworthy nuptials. Couples can choose to get married high atop the caldera or along the island's east coast (most choose the latter). Many hotels, estates and even wineries – including the popular Santo Winery – allow weddings on their outdoor terraces.

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  • Loire Valley
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    Loire Valley

    #7 in Best Destination Wedding Spots in Europe

    For a more remote destination wedding, consider the Loire Valley. The sprawling, wine-filled region in France offers many beautiful chateaux and castles for rent, which will make it feel like you and your guests have the whole valley to yourselves. But come prepared with a big budget: these fairy tale-like venues don't come cheap.

  • Lake Como
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    Lake Como

    #8 in Best Destination Wedding Spots in Europe

    A popular spot for the rich and famous, Lake Como's heavenly setting is one for the books. The lake is surrounded by lush peaks, and its shores are dotted with extravagant villas. As such, it should come as no surprise that this luxurious destination comes with a big price tag.

  • Dubrovnik
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    #9 in Best Destination Wedding Spots in Europe

    Dubrovnik's medieval aesthetic and picturesque placement along the vibrant Adriatic Sea yield some pretty dreamy wedding venues. Here, it’s best to take advantage of the city’s many waterfront wedding-friendly spots, including the beach. If you’re unsure where to start, note that much of the city’s top waterfront hotels can host weddings.

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  • Mallorca
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    #10 in Best Destination Wedding Spots in Europe

    Thanks to Mallorca's diverse topography, couples can choose from beachside venues to fincas situated among the mountains, as well as secluded mansions and castles. For a summer wedding, plan for an evening ceremony and reception, as daytime temperatures can be uncomfortably high.

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  • Corfu
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    #11 in Best Destination Wedding Spots in Europe

    If you want a Greek wedding but don't want to brave the crowds that congest Santorini and Mykonos, Corfu is your best bet. Corfu still sees plenty of European visitors, but this island's larger size gives way for more venue options. Say "I do" in the Venetian-influenced Corfu Town or along the clear blue Ionian Sea.

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  • Venice
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    #12 in Best Destination Wedding Spots in Europe

    The beauty of getting married in Venice is that you don't have to search far to find a pretty place to tie the knot. Every inch of this Italian city is simply stunning. Wedding venues in Venice are nothing short of grandiose, from centuries-old churches to multistory palazzos equipped with excellent views of the famous canals.

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