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Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan Points


By joining the Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan, you will earn frequent flyer miles based on the distance between the origin and destination cities on any Alaska Airlines or partner airline flight. You can use those miles toward free flights on Alaska Airlines and its partner airlines.

Earning Points

Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan members earn miles based on the mileage between origin and destination cities. Members earn 1 mile per mile flown or a total of 500 miles, whichever is greater. If you have connecting flights, you will earn miles for each segment. You can also earn miles on 18 airline partners, as well as by purchasing vacation packages at But remember, receiving miles on American Airlines flights (one of Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan's partners) requires booking codeshare flights (or those that have "AS" flight numbers) on the Alaska Airlines website. You can also collect bonus miles through promotions, by upgrading the flight class and by purchasing business- and first-class fares on partner airlines. What's more, you can earn miles for booking rooms at six hotel partners and for renting a car through seven car rental agencies. Spending money with Alaska Airlines' specialty partners like and Vinesse Wine Clubs can earn you more miles as well. Additionally, you can accrue miles by making everyday purchases with your Alaska Airlines Visa Signature card.

Using Points

You can use your miles to pay for flights operated by Alaska Airlines or its Alaska global partners. Award levels for mile redemptions are classified as either lowest or refundable fares. Main Cabin Lowest and First Class Lowest awards require a lower number of miles, but seats and flights are limited and subject to change and cancellation fees. Main Cabin Refundable and First Class Refundable awards allow you to change or cancel at no charge. Both first-class awards include complimentary food and premium beverages, plus two free checked bags and expedited check-in, security and boarding. First-class award travelers will also have access to Alaska Lounges at participating airports. Redemptions for one-way flights less than 700 miles within the United States and Canada are 5,000 miles.

You can also combine miles with cash to use for award flights when you book Money & Miles awards at Additionally, you can use awards to book flights on any of the carrier's 18 participating airlines. Below you'll find the minimum number of miles needed (as of July 2019) to cover a round-trip flight on six of Alaska Airlines' most popular routes:

Route Lowest calculated round-trip cost (in points)
Spokane, Washington - Seattle  10,000
Juneau - Ketchikan, Alaska 10,000
Seattle - Washington, D.C. 25,000
Seattle - New York 25,000
Portland, Oregon - Washington, D.C. 25,000
Seattle - Tucson, Arizona 20,000

The calculated costs shown above are based on booking searches conducted by U.S. News in July 2019. We analyzed 12 of each airline's highly trafficked routes within three round-trip mileage categories: short domestic, medium domestic and long for three different round-trip dates between July and September. 

Apart from flights and first-class upgrades (which cost 15,000 miles per one-way flight), Mileage Plan members can use miles to cover the cost of nightly stays at more than 400,000 hotel properties worldwide through Alaska Airlines' partnership with Rocketmiles. Plus, members can use miles (and cash, in some instances) for subscriptions to more than 40 different magazines, as well as charitable donations to organizations, such as the Make-A-Wish Foundation and The Nature Conservancy.

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